The Team


The Team

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Tom Scott - Director

Tom Scott is a Canadian/American filmmaker who has worked for Netflix, Sony, Snapchat, and Trailer Park. The films that he’s worked on includes Stranger Things, Incredibles 2, The Crown, and Star Trek. He has had the privilege to work with all of the major film studios in some capacity over his 14 year career. He is a rostered member of the Local 700 Editors Guild and has worked with 15+ non profits in their filmmaking endeavors.


Paul Shrier - Creative Producer

Paul Shrier earned his PhD in practical theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2001 and is professor of practical theology at Azusa Pacific University.  Paul is a Canadian who has lived in Los Angeles County for twenty-two years.  In Canada, he was an economist, financial advisor, and expert witness and financial consultant for individuals and businesses. For the past eight years Paul has produced and written three documentaries and one video curriculum. Paul collaborates with Ralph Winter, major motion picture producer and has collaborated with Michael Klausman, President of CBS Studio City.


Ralph Winter - Producer/Consultant

Ralph Frederick Winter is an American film producer who has helped to produce blockbuster movies such as the X-Men, and Star Trek series as well as I, Robot and Planet of the Apes. His films have grossed collectively over $2 billion.


Grace Owens - Creative Producer

Grace is a Los Angeles based creative producer and audio professional. She has had the pleasure of working in post production for the last 3 years with clients that include Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Sony and Universal. Grace has had a passion for documentary film from a young age and hopes to travel around the world and find new and interesting people to share stories with.


Line Producer

Andy Vivanco


Nelson Grant

Adam Reed

Adriel Pfister

Art Director

Jessie Barnes

Concept Artist

Brandon Coates


Billy Ray

Dawn Ray